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From our first encounter, my husband and I were impressed with the daycare. The environment was clean and safe, the toys and activities were appropriate for the children's ages and the care that the children receive was evident in the interaction we observed. All of these are important to us but the most important is the loving, caring, and respectful interaction that we firmly believe helps develop children into loving adults.

Since the children began a few weeks ago, we have watched our son, almost two, grow attached; he even talks about [Saeeda] on the weekends! Our daughter, who is almost five months, has also been thriving and although she cannot talk, it is apparent in her cheerful disposition and perfect sleep schedule that she is loved and cared for.

Over the last year Saeeda has provided excellent care for our daughter. With my husband's short noticed deployment tour in Afghanistan and my work schedule changing so quickly, Saeeda remained flexible and supportive during our demanding challenges.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have had such a safe, clean, trusting and coompassionate child care environment for [our daughter]

We love Ashton Day Care and Learning Center! Our 21 month old son has been attending for almost a year and he truly enjoys it. (So much so that sometimes he does not want to leave!) We love that it is a blend of a nurturing, home environment and is also set up as a learning center with plenty of activities. He has come home with the cutest crafts, Birthday cards, Mothers Day cards, etc. We feel that learning is always encouraged with a great mix of creative freedom to play and have fun. He loves his teachers and friends, and is a happier child because of the time he spends here.

We had an excellent experience with Saeeda's daycare. She has more than the required certifications and specialized training to help infants and toddlers develop speech and fine motor skills. Her set up is especially safe and nurturing for infants and toddlers

I knew from the first moment I stepped into Ashton Daycare that it was going to be a good fit for my daughter. At the time, she was only 3 months old. When I walked up to the entrance of the daycare, I was greeted outside by children playing along with Saeeda, the daycare director. She very lovingly took my daughter and took the children inside with us, locked the door behind us and allowed my husband and me to view the space. I liked how she was mindful of the safety of the other children and didn’t allow my husband and me visiting to distract her from her primary responsibility. The space is great for an in-home daycare. It’s very large, with several different play areas, a work space for the children and a separate sleeping area with cribs for each of the kids.

One aspect of the Daycare that I am particularly fond of is my ability to communicate my concerns and questions openly with Saeeda. For example, I provide expressed breast milk for my daughter instead of formula. Although Saeeda didn’t have much experience with breast milk, she took my direction and advice and it has worked out well for us. Also, at the beginning of the day, she and I discuss the previous day (since my husband picks my daughter up in the afternoon). She lets me know of my daughter’s growth and developmental progress and discusses any concerns I have in general.

Lily is now almost 6 months old and has been attending Ashton Daycare for almost 3 months. Although she is the youngest attendee by far, she is able to interact with the other children; Ashton Daycare mimics a family setting, which is important to me. Overall, I have been happy with my experience with Ashton Daycare thus far. I look forward to my daughter attending the Daycare until she is ready for school.

Our 16 month old son has been attending Ashton Daycare & Learning Center since he was 6 weeks old. He is developing quickly for his age and is always playing happily with his friends at the daycare when we pick him up. Saeeda, the daycare provider, is very understanding and listens to our concerns regarding the care of our child. She worked with us to develop a childcare plan that is customized and works for our particular situation. We are very satisfied with our son's care and would highly recommend this daycare.

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Level 5 Maryland Excels Rating

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