Our Philosophy

We understand the importance of a child’s early years. Birth to five years is a crucial and amazing time of growth and learning. Since your day to day responsibilities can keep you away from your kids, we nurture and care for your little ones.

We work in a mixed age group setting, as we believe that a family environment is extremely important for the growth and development of children. Our daycare is like a big family; siblings can be together, and we are like an extension of their own family. Research has shown that children often learn better from other children rather than adults. In our care, older kids are able to nurture and guide younger ones in a controlled setting, and impart language and social skills to them. They are also allowed to visit past levels of development, as children need to go back to skills mastered earlier even as they are busy trying new things, so they don’t forget what they’ve learned.

Our number of children is limited so we can work with every child’s interest, as well as feeding, diapering and catering to their other needs. All children are allowed to grow and develop at their own pace. A smaller number of children provides for less competition and more cooperation which is the base of our program.

In our setting, children remain with the same caregiver for a longer period of time, which provides continuity and stability for each child to establish a bond with the caregiver, and allows the teacher to better understand and nurture each child.

Childcare cannot be a fulfilling experience until you have complete confidence and trust in your child’s caregiver. We understand that each child’s learning style is different and unique, and in our care, he/she will reach her potential in a truly loving, caring and healthy environment. 



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Level 5 Maryland EXCELS Rating

We have a Level 5 Maryland EXCELS Rating!

Level 5 Maryland Excels Rating

Asthma & Allergy Friendly Care

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) has designated Ashton Childcare and Learning Center as an Asthma Friendly Child Care

Asthma Friendly Child Care